Spa Groups & Wedding Parties

Thank you for choosing Daylily to host your event!

Please note: Due to staffing issues, we will not be booking Spa Groups or Wedding Parties until fall 2022. If you have already booked your Spa Group or Wedding Party, we are excited to serve you!

Once you complete the form and all services are set, our Group Coordinator will quote all pricing. For services with a price range, the actual price will depend on the Level Stylist requested. A 50% deposit will be required to hold the day and time of the scheduled services.

Please note, all service tickets will include a small Environmental Stewardship Fee that goes towards our Green Initiative. This fee will always be less than $2 per guest.

Spa Group / Large Group Policy & Payment Information

We ask that you schedule services for your party during regular business hours. If you are interested in renting out the salon for the duration of your services, please let us know; we'll determine a price for you. 

Daylily Spa Salon requires a valid credit/debit card to hold your appointment, as we require a 50% deposit for all large group parties. This deposit will be refunded if you give prior notice more than 48 hours in advance in the case of cancellation; however, if you cancel within 48 hours, your deposit is nonrefundable. The deposit is applied to the scheduled services, and the cardholder is responsible for notifying members of the party about our cancellation policies and payment. If there are any no showed, canceled, or changed appointments within the 48-hour mark, the cardholder is responsible for payment. We do offer a 5% discount if you would like to pay for your services in full in advance. Please be aware that gratuity is not included, so remember your service providers accordingly. 

You are welcome to bring your own snacks and beverages to have during or in between services, we just ask that you be mindful of other guests checking in for appointments. Please let us know if you have any other requests/needs that we need to know about (i.e. if it’s a surprise for a specific group member, if someone has any allergies to Aveda or other products, etc.).

Please contact our Group Coordinator at or call 320-258-5459 if you have any further questions regarding our policy.


Please arrive for your services with your entire party on time; consider our guests who are scheduled after you. If a group or any member of the party is late for the service provider, the service provider may or may not be able to accommodate the new arrival time. If the scope of the original contract cannot be fulfilled due to guest tardiness, services may be reduced. However, guests are liable for the original total fee.

If you are having nail services done, please tell us if you, or any member of your party, have gel or shellac polish on, whether it’s hands or feet. This type of polish requires extra time to remove, so we need to have prior knowledge of this to allow service providers additional time. Otherwise, services have the risk of being cut short. Gel removals are an additional $15. Also, we are not qualified to remove Acrylic nails.